There are 20 engineers in Engineering Department. Most of them have been in mold design field for more than 10 years.

Our engineering team will review your design for manufacturability, offering suggestions for improved processing, cycle time or part quality. We are dedicated 100% to the success of your program, from ensuring absolute dimensional accuracy and quality in the manufacture of your mold, to sampling, all the way to mold startup.

Our engineering team is highly experienced at developing high-cavitation mold designs, including single-face or stack molds, multi-material molds and molds that perform secondary operations as part of the mold function. Each mold is designed to provide maximum cavitation, superior part quality and unbeatable mold performance for the life of your mold.

In FIT MOULD, a complete feasibility analysis is performed for new project by using Moldflow Analysis Software. Customer drawings and CAD models are evaluated for mold design. Flow and solidification modeling are employed to estimate and improve quality level.

Mold building,of necessity,often requires improvement or modification after mold trial or during the manufacturing stage. Sometimes the finished mold is substantially different from the initial design.We operate under a strict design revision policy to ensure that the final designs match the mold exactly. Any revisions are immediately put into the 2D and 3D mold drawings so that when the project is complete you will also have an accurate set of designs to work with in the future.